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About Our Company


  • All reviews on our website are based on a strict guideline and any product or service that does not follow our standards are immediately dismissed for the betterment of buyers.
  • We choose and rank products and services through hands-on tests, expert opinions, and first-hand customer feedback.
  • The information on our website are researched and owned by us alone and it is important to understand that we are not biased towards any specific brand or company.
  • While we provide this service free of charge, in return we receive a commission on the products and services listed in our website.

Words from our Founder

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Dennies John 
Founder & CEO, Zlated”]I started Zlated with an aim to provide genuine unbiased product reviews for those who are looking for the best products to shop. Unlike others, we provide this service free of charge.[/pullquote]

Our Team

Dennies John
Founder & CEO

Tara J. Cope
Quality & Testing

Paul Hollinger
Marketing & Operations

Marwin A.
Market Research

Gerrard Wilson
Quality & Testing

Janet Minner

Sandra Elsi
Content & Media