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We have covered reviews of numerous kitchen utensils and machines from coffee makers to the best juicers and more. We’ve dedicated this article to recognize the efforts of food bloggers.

Whether you realize it or not, food bloggers are definitely among the hard-working people to date. They put together recipes of all sorts from vegan to vegetarian to gluten-free and traditional, and help people enjoy life and stay healthy.

Here is a list of top 20 food bloggers who have strived for years to establish their own space in the blogging world.

Lemons and Basil

Author: Kaylee

Being a loving wife and a wonderful mom, Kaylee is a huge believer of a balanced life, which includes healthy, organic food more than 80% of the time and sweet treats the rest of the time.

In her blog she shares recipes out of organic produce and whole foods that inspired her over the years, and grew her love for cooking.

Her culinary skills were honed by both her passion and experience in the kitchen.While she used to be an interior designer, she is now a mom dedicated to her family, part-time blogger and design consultant.

With her husband Josh, one-year old son Brighton, and their family puppy Tucker, she lives in Franklin, United States.

Saffron Pudding

Author: Fatemah Alhusayni

Fatemah Alhusayni is a Kuwaiti blogger who loves sharing authentic recipes from the Middle East.

She tries to bridge the gap between the modernized recipes that have crept their way into most Kuwaiti homes and the traditional delights that are often left unmade.

Her explorations on the Middle Eastern traditions and unique dishes are driven by her own longing for the tastes she misses.

Without pork and wine, and a limited collection of seafood, the dishes still look delicious and Fatemah doesn’t forget to capture them into her camera.

Her blog also offers an insight into her life as a Muslim mom with 3 adoring kids and a loving husband.

Turmeric and Saffron

Author: Azita Mehran

Turmeric and Saffron is a blog based on Persian food as Azita tries not to let her late mother’s prowess as a cook be buried with her.

Through her blog she revisits the memorable times in her mom’s kitchen back in Iran and takes much pride in sharing them with the world.

Though she has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counselling, she stays at home and enjoys cooking for her wonderful husband and two blessed daughters.

She believes Persian recipes are not simply made to taste good, but also stay healthy. Currently, Azita lives with her family in New York.

Biscuits & Such

Author: Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr

Elena’s journey to recover from homesickness ended with Biscuits & Such.

Thanks to her family that believed in the power of food not only to nourish but also to spread love, she found it easy to sharpen her skills in the kitchen.

Throughout her blog she shares her experience after testing out hoards of both traditional and modern authentic Southern recipes.

Being a Southerner herself, she idolizes her grandmother and gives her the credit for who she is today.

Her blog has been featured on various famous sites and blogs including the Huffington Post, Food and Wine Magazine, Food 52 and more.

a farmgirl’s dabbles

Author: Brenda

Brenda is a modern-day cowgirl who grew up in a farm in South Dakota.

a farmgirl’s dabbles is her blog in which she adds some modern twists and passes on the age-old recipes her family carried with love for generations.

She shares her family’s belief on how traditional food should be held close at heart not only because of the taste that can’t be found elsewhere, but also the nutritional value which is soon fading away from the modern kitchen.

Being a mother of two daughters and the wife of a adoring husband, she strives to bring love and peace into the family with food and shares them with those who stop by her blog.

Three little halves

Author: QueenSashy

Cybernamed QueenSashy is a blogger with a colourful personality. The name for her food blog Three little halves is an inspiration from a Serbian poem.

Food has always been one of her biggest passions, which doesn’t come much as a surprise growing up with a family who shares the same interest.

She takes pride in giving her baking career a go at the tender age of 4 with a batch of cookies. She has been experimenting in the kitchen ever since then and calls herself a scientist - not in the real sense.

Her recipes are free of cilantro - which happens to be the only food she hates, and she doesn’t fail to decorate her blog with delicious-looking pictures taken through her camera lens.

Golubka Kitchen

Author: Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova

Anya and her daughter Masha are Russians with a rare ability to make the best out of organic vegetables, and turn them into delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes practised in many kitchens for years to come.

Anya’s drop in health had been her turning point to delve deeper into the healing power of raw food, which then ended up being shared since 2010 in their Golubka Kitchen blog.

They focus on great many types of Russian cuisines and recipes out of seasonal ingredients that’d be vain to miss.

With health being the prime focus of this blog, the mother does most of the cooking while the daughter does the the rest from taking pictures to food styling and editing.

Little Box Brownie

Author: Sophia Purvis

Little Box Brownie is the blog of the award winning New Zealander Sophia, who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Her first pastry book was awarded the Best Pastry Book in New Zealand and The 3rd Best Pastry Cookbook by the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

She grew up with an obsession for food, for baking in particular, and she combines it well with her career as a photographer and her hobby of collecting props. For her, food is more than something edible - it is a vital part of herself that she shares with every recipe.

Bright Bird

Author: Sonia Raga

Sonia Raga is a Spanish national architect, an experienced make-up artist and a student of a Nutrition and Human Diet degree who strongly believes in the health benefits of a plant-based, whole-food, vegan diet.

Her mother’s illness was the turning point of her life, and her numerous researches proves that eating healthy is the key to keeping diseases at bay.

At a glance, her foods are limited only to fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, roots and small amounts of nuts and seeds. But her blog Bright Bird is enough proof on how many delicious varieties can be made by them.

Her ultimate goal is to spread awareness and help people enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet which includes clear skin, better digestion, higher energy levels, and weightloss.

Playful Cooking

Author: Kankana Saxena

Kankana wasn’t struck by the wonders cooking can bring into one’s life until she was an adult.

Her job required a lot of travelling, and cooking turned out to be the relief she needed.

Today, being the wife of a wonderful man, and the mother of a little boy, she lives in Banglore. Her efforts are focused on maintaining the traditional Indian kitchen like her mom, while trying out and sharing new recipes of her own.

Knowing that health is the heart of her family, she stays away from processed food with too many artificial flavours.

Playful Cooking is where she connects with many viewers who admire Indian cuisines using fresh seasonal produce , and shares pictures that speak for themselves.

Aayi’s Recipes

Author: Shilpa

Aayi is the Konkani term for ‘mother’ and Shilpa uses it for her blog solely because of her love for her mother’s recipes.

She had always been an enthusiastic learner in the kitchen, caught up in her mother’s culinary spell. The majority of recipes on her blog are of unique Konkani homemade dishes that are certain to waft your kitchen with their delicious smell.

She is a software engineer by profession, but cooking is in her blood, with many thanks to not only her mom, but also her aunt, dad and brother. Currently, she resides in the States with her supportive husband.

Yummy Tummy

Author: Aarthi

Aarthi is a graduate who cooked her own food to work, and was motivated to start her own food blog as her colleagues became fans of her recipes.

With time she took the plunge and quit her job to focus full-time in Yummy Tummy - where her heart lay.

Her high school sweetheart, who is now her husband, tastes her cooking and brings forth both the good and the bad, helping her perfect the career path she has chosen.

Her recipes are famed among the internet community today and receive over 3 million views every month.

In addition to her recipes you can find Aarthi sharing her love with her family she relies on.

Cook Like Priya

Author: Priya Ranjit

Priya didn’t know when she got married that she will find herself more than capable of cooking. She wanted to please her husband with delicious dishes, so she started to learn her way on her own.

Before long, her recipes were wanted by many and Cook Like Priya was her way to share them with everyone at once.

She finds her husband to be her biggest inspiration, and believes that there’s a cook within every one of us. In her blog she shares recipes of all kind, including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Goan cuisines that are native to her culture.

Dolly and Oatmeal

Author: Lindsey S. Love

Lindsey learnt the hard way that for her, not everything is edible.

With the aid of a life coach, she was able to get a clear picture of her sensitive nature towards food and quit the intake of gluten and diary in any form.

She fuelled her knowledge on plant-based diets and believes that they are the healthiest of all. Though not a vegan, she ensures her recipes whirl within fresh seasonal produce and stay close to everything in its natural form itself.

Her appreciation of nature could be seen throughout Dolly and Oatmeal.

She is the food editor of the Thoughtfully Magazine and her blog has been featured on Food52, Buzzfeed, Conde Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, and Gardenista.

The Forest Feast

Author: Erin Gleeson

Shooting for The New York Times Dining section and The James Beard Foundation prove just how good Erin is at capturing the best through her lenses.

But it was not until she left New York to Northern California with her husband did she discover her passion for local, seasonal ingredients.

Suddenly there she is, transforming her photography into eye-candy, mostly-vegetarian recipe illustrations from her lovely cabin in the woods to her blog The Forest Feast.

She focuses on recipes that are healthy, can be put together by almost anyone by sparing the least amount of time, and still taste delicious.

The Vanilla Bean Blog

Author: Sarah Kieffer

Sarah has had a thing for baking ever since she remembers. She has worked in many coffeehouse bakeries in Minneapolis and has taught herself the arts of baking.

The realization that her family has no history for foods, no special, memorable, or custom dishes struck her hard and made her want to change it.

Eventually, The Vanilla Bean Blog was born and in it she tries to make a history full of recipes she bakes. She also believes a lot about how food weaves a magic among the hearts of the ones who gather to take a bite.

For Sarah, the efforts to bake something special for someone is capable of not only filling the body, but also the soul.

Two Peas and Their Pod

Authors: Maria and Josh

The Two Peas in Maria and Josh’s blog are their two adoring boys. But their marriage was what gave the push to start this blog.

After catering the wedding on their own, they had many guests asking for recipes. Which started out as a simple sharing of recipes among friends ended up being a famous blog today.

They create recipes that are simple to cook, fresh and taste good enough to make their family happy. The recipe index in their blog makes search for recipes much easier, and their cookie recipes alone are ready to hit the 200 landmark.

The couple is often found not only cooking and baking in their blog, but also sharing bits about their day-to-day lives.

Life’s a Feast

Author: Jamie Schler

Jamie is an American writer living in France, completely bewitched by the culture and the heart of a Frenchman.

She was also a one-time milliner, culinary guide and interpreter. Life’s a Feast reflects what Jamie thinks of life.

For her, life is a feast of both happy and sad times and she shares her obsession for food through uncountable recipes meant for any feast of a person’s life.

She blends two of her virtues - writing and cooking to grab the reader and by doing so has won numerous International-level awards.

She has also served as a writer to Huffington Post Food, The Art of Eating, France Magazine, Modern Farmer, Fine Cooking, deliberateLIFE, The Foodie Bugle, American Food Roots, French News Online and more.

Coconut & Lime

Author: Rachel Rappaport

Rachel first started out Coconut and Lime in 2004 to keep track of every new recipe she created and share them with her loved ones. But never in her wildest dreams did she think that her blog will end up being something she’d do for living.

Now she is a full-time recipe blogger, food columnist, cookbook author and a professional recipe developer who has developed recipes for many companies and brands.

Her love for natural produce alone drove her to creating her own fruit garden in the Baltimore City. Recipes form her blog are not found elsewhere, making them unique and a delight to try on.

Master Chef Mom

Author: Uma Raghuraman

Uma is an Indian mom who started cooking from the scratch. She never knew she could be this great a cook, until her husband introduced her to a list of his favourite dishes she’d never heard of.

Under her mother’s and mother-in-law’s guidance she was able to reach greater heights, honing culinary skills of her own and starting Master Chef Mom.

In her blog she shares dessert, snack, Fusion recipes, gluten and vegan free diets and traditional foods. Mostly, she introduces mothers to a world of recipes that can be tried to pack before sending the kids to school.

She believes that it’s high time women start thinking out of the box, and catch up with the inevitably fast paced and modernized world.

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